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Using ideas, plots, text and other intellectual property developed by someone else while claiming it is your original work.

Viva Texas!
Since the content in this encyclopedia was placed online in 1997, and although copyright notices are prominently displayed, thousands of definitions have been, and still are, copied to other websites without copyright attribution, typically in quantities from a half dozen to a couple hundred. The most interesting copyright infringement was a Texas state agency, which copied about a hundred terms to their site and added just one more of their own. The term they added was "plagiarism." True story! See copyright.



a form of violation of the rights of an author or inventor. It consists of the illegal use under one’s own name of another’s scientific, literary, or musical work, invention, or rationalization proposal, in full or in part, without recognition of the source from which the material was drawn. Under Soviet law, a plagiarist can be charged under either civil or criminal law, depending on the degree of the crime’s social danger.

Under civil law (as set forth in the Civil Code of the RSFSR, arts. 499 and 500), the author—and after his death, his heirs and other persons indicated by law—has the right to demand the restoration of his violated rights, for example, by announcements of the violation in the press. He also has the right to demand a ban on publication of the work or a ban on its distribution. In case of losses incurred, the author may demand restitution. Under criminal law (as set in the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, art. 141), plagiarism is punishable by deprivation of freedom for a period of up to one year or by a fine of up to 500 rubles.

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His plagiaristic behavior contributed to Biden's withdrawing from the campaign.
In Gatsby, it is Nick's capacity to combine these different kinds of speech that enables this narrator to relate so powerfully to the characters he describes, to come close enough to sympathize with their plagiaristic ambitions while keeping that distance he needs to gild them into gorgeousness.
26) Furthermore, each text is associated with narratives of abduction that make them in the most literal sense plagiaristic.
This constraint reaches far beyond merely rendering plagiaristic any attempt to emulate the meaning of a particular silence by recreating the context under which it originated.
Pamphlet upon plagiaristic pamphlet thrilled honest country folk and sober citizens with anatomies of roguery, [and] the whole art of conny-catching.
Throughout its history, film has always been a hugely plagiaristic art form, exhibiting a longstanding penchant for appropriating materials from other genres.
We all pay some manner of plagiaristic homage to our creative forebears, upon whose themes we merely write variations.
Like the National Educational Technology Standards from the International Society for Technology in Education, her system is one of integrating technology into major projects that students do--far beyond the quick and plagiaristic PowerPoint presentation so common today.
He sees Kroka-Refs saga as a proto-postmodernist parody of the classical sagas; until now critics have dismissed it as derivative, or even plagiaristic.
Imagining the critic alone in his studio--a pen in one hand, a brush in the other--it is nearly impossible for us not to sense a certain degree of pathos or anxiety in his claim that "there is a growing lack of faith in the ability of artists to continue as anything more than plagiaristic stylists," or in his contention that "we are living in an age of skeptic ism and as a result the practice of art is inevitably crippled by the suspension of belief.
Fran revealed the secret behind his own plagiaristic tendencies on Writing To Reach You when he told the sell-out crowd: "We were on tour with Oasis for the last few weeks.