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Using ideas, plots, text and other intellectual property developed by someone else while claiming it is your original work. The content in this encyclopedia was placed online in 1997, and although copyright notices are prominently displayed, thousands of definitions have been, and still are, copied to other websites without permission and without adding any reference to the source, typically in quantities from a half dozen to several hundred.

Viva Texas!
The most interesting copyright infringement was a Texas state agency, which copied about a hundred terms to their site years ago and added just one more of their own. The term they added was "plagiarism." True story! See copyright.



a form of violation of the rights of an author or inventor. It consists of the illegal use under one’s own name of another’s scientific, literary, or musical work, invention, or rationalization proposal, in full or in part, without recognition of the source from which the material was drawn. Under Soviet law, a plagiarist can be charged under either civil or criminal law, depending on the degree of the crime’s social danger.

Under civil law (as set forth in the Civil Code of the RSFSR, arts. 499 and 500), the author—and after his death, his heirs and other persons indicated by law—has the right to demand the restoration of his violated rights, for example, by announcements of the violation in the press. He also has the right to demand a ban on publication of the work or a ban on its distribution. In case of losses incurred, the author may demand restitution. Under criminal law (as set in the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, art. 141), plagiarism is punishable by deprivation of freedom for a period of up to one year or by a fine of up to 500 rubles.

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The students interviewed for this study indicated that their motivations for plagiarizing or not plagiarizing are embedded within that power structure.
With so many students committing plagiarism, whether intentional or inadvertent, it is surprising that only 3% admitted to have been caught plagiarizing.
Stop plagiarizing songs whether they are from local or foreign bands.
com/2016/07/19/politics/melania-trump-michelle-obama-speech/) plagiarizing first lady Michelle Obama.
In the Deer Valley Unified School District, a high school student caught plagiarizing for the second time is suspended for three days and loses credit for the assignment and, possibly, for the class.
The pledge, designed to discourage students from making similar mistakes in judgment, restates Medill's already-existing code of ethics, telling students that fabricating sources in stories or plagiarizing could lead to expulsion.
Romance novelist Janet Dailey acknowledged plagiarizing the work of her rival Nora Roberts and blamed a psychological disorder Tuesday.
com/melania-trumps-speech-allegedly-plagiarized-michelle-obamas-2008-dnc-address-2392728) allegedly plagiarizing First Lady Michelle Obama's 2008 address when she spoke at the Republican National Convention.
Journalists caught plagiarizing typically explain that they "mixed up" notes from elsewhere with their own work or they were just "using the framework" of somebody else's work or they were paralyzed by a looming deadline.