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regime One hand-written order records a prisoner requested "Green & Blacks 80% Plain Bar of Chocolate - if not available large Cadbury Bournville".
Plain bar or hand soap and topical antibacterial ointment
Single Simone goes for the type who would prefer a plain bar of soap in the mornings to a bag-full of beauty products.
The summary screen gives you a plain bar chart display of monthly income and expenditures, and a readout of your balance.
What I would say is having a tin of quality streets might prove more favourable than one plain bar of chocolate.
Somewhat less inspiring is the dining area to my left, with its low-slung ceiling and ubiquitously plain bar furniture.
Fans lobbied for a new treat after it was discovered a plain bar of milk chocolate with the iconic Mr Tayto on the wrapper was being sold in Tayto Park.
If none of that applies, then I think a club is plain bar my to sign up players from outside and just watch their money going down the drain.
However, the inside, which is a plain bar with no frills, is clean and tidy.
The company's products include FBECR, welded wire mesh, reinforcement steel bars, plain bars, rebar in coils, wire rod and prefabricated reinforcement steel bars (cut and bend, stirrups) (black steel and epoxy coated).
Thirty chapters, suitable for a four-month course, address such topics as time-dependent volume changes of concrete (shrinkage and creep), measures of flexural response, limiting moment and unit curvature, deflection under short-time loading, and bond properties of plain bars in concrete.