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The upgrade will enhance the capabilities of NSTX by upgrading the magnet system to permit higher plasma currents and magnetic fields and by installing a second neutral beam heating system to enable better control of plasma instability.
Designed as a reference but also suitable for classroom use, this covers the main characteristics and processes of the regular ionosphere, nonlinear phenomena and plasma instability in the disturbed regular ionosphere, radio signal presentation in the ionospheric communication channels, evaluation of plasma irregularities in the ionosphere, modern radiophysical methods of investigation of ionospheric irregularities, performance of radio communications in ionospheric channels, optical and radio systems for investigation of the ionosphere and ionospheric communication channels, and the performance of land-satellite communication links passing through the irregular ionosphere.
Experiments on the Nike KrF laser have explored the 1015-1016 W/cm2 intensities used in these designs, and support the expectation that KrF laser light suppresses laser plasma instability.