Plasma Membrane

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plasma membrane

[′plaz·mə ′mem‚brān]
(cell and molecular biology)

Plasma Membrane


the membrane that surrounds the protoplasm of plant and animal cells. The plasma membrane in animal cells is an internal (obligate) component of the cell membrane.

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Protein Insulin Like Growth Factor--I Complex goat seminal plasma is able to increase the percentage of intact plasma membrane thereby increasing the percentage of live sperm and sperm motility.
Two-way analysis of variance was performed using PROC GLM procedure to compare the difference among mean numbers of percentage of spermatozoa motility, intact plasma membrane spermatozoa, intact acrosome spermatozoa and normal DNA integrity spermatozoa.
001) hyperpolarization of sperm plasma membrane as compared to control/DMSO-treated sperm (Figure 3, panel B).
In this study, we aimed to analyse the role of the genetic variants of two synaptic vesicule proteins (VAMP2, synapsin III) and two presynaptic plasma membrane proteins (syntaxin 1A, SNAP-25) in AD patients.
Although others have reported antibiosis against gram negative bacteria, their findings, like ours, determined thyme to be consistently more effective against gram positive species (Pioro-Jabrucka 2007); as is thymol which acts on the plasma membranes of gram positive bacteria and giardia (Cristani 2007, Evans 2000, Machado 2010).
Lipids are considered to be the most susceptible macromolecules and are present in sperm plasma membrane in the form of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), fatty acids that contain more than two carbon-carbon double bonds.
Aluminum binds to phospholipids in the microsomal fractions of root plasma membrane of barley (Hordeum vulgare), and has
Furthermore, it is known that in some forms of DI there is also impaired delivery of the AQP2 channels to the apical plasma membrane (3).
NIAS in collaboration with RIKEN and Meiji University binded rice with chitin oligosaccharides and extracted CEBiP from its plasma membrane receptor.
M2 tetramers are expressed at high density in the plasma membrane of infected cells and are well accessible to M2e-specific antibodies in this location, but only a few copies become incorporated into the envelope of mature infectious virus particles (19,20).
It involves signaling rapidly initiated from the plasma membrane rather than the nuclear transcription pathway depicted in most textbooks.

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