plaster of Paris

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plaster of Paris:

see gypsumgypsum
, mineral composed of calcium sulfate (calcium, sulfur, and oxygen) with two molecules of water, CaSO4·2H2O. It is the most common sulfate mineral, occurring in many places in a variety of forms. A transparent crystalline variety is selenite.
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Plaster of paris

A gypsum substance especially suitable for fine ornamental plasterwork because it fills a mold completely and dries quickly.

plaster of paris

[′plas·tər əv ′par·əs]
(inorganic chemistry)
White powder consisting essentially of the hemihydrate of calcium sulfate (CaSO4·½H2 O or 2CaSO4·H2O), produced by calcining gypsum until it is partially dehydrated; forms with water a paste that quickly sets; used for casts and molds, building materials, and surgical bandages. Also known as calcined gypsum.

plaster of paris, hemihydrate plaster

1. Calcined gypsum, containing no additives to control the set; a rapid-setting plaster used mainly for ornamental casting.
2. Gauging plaster.
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Science departments sometimes use plaster of Paris and this should not present a problem.
The unit was also producing counterfeit honeycomb with the help of plaster of paris which works to deceive authorities and citizens into thinking it was freshly-produced honey.
An alternative to this press moulding was slip casting, which produced figures from liquid clay poured into the plaster of Paris mould and allowed to dry and shrink, so they could be removed whole.
The new plants are being installed at Warcha Salt mines for production of powder salt and iodized table salt, production of Gypsum powder for domestic sale and export purposes and manufacturing of Plaster of Paris besides initiating a Gravel Stone project at Kahuta, district Rawalpindi,' official sources told reporter.
Caption: GETTING PLASTERED: Feiss used Plaster of Paris for a clean look on several new fixture families, including Kellen here.
Plaster of paris is a mixture that can be shaped when wet but hardens as it dries.
cafeteria was Clifford Clinton's attempt to bring elegant dining to struggling working people, and it worked--if you think of elegant dining as including giant plaster of paris mountainsides and artificial forests.
Idol immersion should be allowed only of the ones which are made from bio- degradable material and not plastic/ plaster of Paris.
STUFF YOU NEED A small bowl A circle of cardboard or the bottom of a plastic bottle, Plaster of Paris Spoon (Adults may need to help younger children cut out a cardboard circle or the bottom of a plastic bottle).
The bulk of the text is organized in thirty-three chapters, covering clays and doughs, salt map mixtures, papier-mech<AEe>, plaster of paris, glues and pastes, paints, face and body paints, natural dyes, and a wide variety of other project types.
KARAK -- The owners of the plaster of Paris factories alleged that their factories were sealed by SNPL authorities for not bribing them and claimed that their factories were being run with LPG.