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1. Brit, Austral, and NZ an adhesive strip of material, usually medicated, for dressing a cut, wound, etc.


A mixture of lime or gypsum, sand, Portland cement and water to produce a paste-like material which can be applied to the surfaces of walls and ceilings and which later sets to form a hard surface.


A rough coating of plaster given to a wall by throwing plaster against it.


The fine finish coat of plaster made with white marble dust to receive a fresco painting.


A decorative feature in which flat wet plaster is ornamented by patterns either scratched or molded into it; sometimes decorated with figures either in low relief or indented.


A coat of plaster applied directly to an interior wall or stucco on an exterior wall; a perspective or elevation drawing of a project or portion thereof with artistic delineation of materials, shades, and shadows.


Plaster work that imitates stone, in which mixtures of marble dust, sizing, and various pigments are laid in decorative figures routed into the surface.


A plaster, mortar, stucco, or whitewash, made from a mixture of lime and clay and having the consistency of glue, used in traditional Japanese construction.



a medicinal form in which substances are supplied for external application. Plasters melt or soften at body temperature and consist of such pliable substances as wax, paraffin, rosin, and rubber; sometimes medicines are added. Some plasters are used to protect the skin from external irritants or to hold bandages in place. Others have a specific therapeutic purpose; for example, keratolytic plasters are used to treat corns, lead plasters are used to treat furuncles and carbuncles, bactericidal plasters are used for purulent wounds, and pepper plasters are used in the treatment of such conditions as radiculitis and neuralgia. Plasters also include various adhesives that evaporate to form an elastic film on the skin, for example, collodion, Kleol, and the glue BF-6.


A plastic mixture of various materials, such as lime or gypsum, and water which sets to a hard, coherent solid.


A plastic mixture of solids and water which sets to a hard, coherent solid and which is used to line the interiors of buildings. A similar material of different composition, used to line the exteriors of buildings, is known as stucco. The term plaster is also used in the industry to designate plaster of paris.

Plaster is usually applied in one or more base (rough or scratch) coats up to ¾ in. (1.9 cm) thick, and also in a smooth, white, finish coat about &frac116; in. (0.16 cm) thick. The solids in the base coats are hydrated (or slaked) lime, sand, fiber or hair (for bonding), and portland cement (the last may be omitted in some plasters). The finish coat consists of hydrated lime and gypsum plaster (in addition to the water). See Mortar


Usually a mixture of gypsum or lime with sand and water, producing a paste-like material that is applied in the plastic state, usually over lath fastened to a surface such as a wall or ceiling, or sometimes directly onto brick; it forms a hard surface when the water it contains evaporates. In some remote early settlements, when lime or gypsum was not available, a so-called plaster of fine white clay mixed with chopped straw was sometimes troweled onto a surface to produce a smooth finish on a wall or ceiling. Cow hair, cow dung, and/or chopped straw often was added to the plaster mixture to increase its mechanical strength when it dried. Gypsum later supplanted lime as the plaster of choice because of its superior properties. Also See mud plaster, ornamental plaster, plaster of paris, and stucco.
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