plastic floor covering

vinyl-asbestos tile

A resilient, semiflexible floor tile; composed of asbestos fibers, ground limestone, plasticizers, pigments, and a polyvinyl chloride resin binder; has good wearing qualities, high grease resistance, and relatively good resilience.
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New features now include: Integrated high-grip rear bumper step offering a classleading step height Easy to Clean Load Floor to protect both the van and the load; durable plastic floor covering rises 100mm up the side walls for easier washing and sweeping | DIN/ISO compliant side-wall mounted tie-down points help keep the load floor clear Optional LED premium loadspace lighting provides maximum interior illumination High-visibility decals warn other road users when the rear doors are open at 90 degrees 3.
ca 1100 wooden doors, 500 sanitary ware, wall tiles, approximately 24 000 mA textile and plastic floor covering including baseboards made of plastic or wood, about 1 500 sun protection systems as blinds and vertical blinds, the parapet covering the induction air conditioners made of sheet steel, about 2 500 heating and refrigerators that about 4 500 m electrical installation within the wall conduits and lamps and louvers of the luminaires.
Contract notice: Work glued plastic floor coverings, soft floors and flooring systems
The consultation is: running repairs of plastic floor coverings glued soft floors and subfloors.
To look at plastic floor coverings, including vinyl, rubber and linoleum, the market is actually quite good, up 19 percent last year, a statistic not many categories in the home business can claim.
In plastic floor coverings, China has moved to the top of the list for the first time, edging out longtime front-runner Canada.