plate rail

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plate rail, plaque rail

A narrow shelf or rail along the upper part of the walls of a room, grooved to hold chinaware plates or decorations.
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Insulating bark PAS-30 with 2 holes for routing connections rails type 49 E1 - 4 plastic sleeves rail - 4 plastic bushings for connection - 8, intermediate plastic plate rail type 49E1 - 1 metal washer - 4 company.
If you like the idea of a plate rail, be sure to cut a groove the full length of the shelf an inch from the back of the shelf, to allow plates to stand on their edges without sliding off.
Painted unfitted kitchens and bookcases rub shoulders with shaker-style peg racks and plate rails.
Detailing includes some good decorative plasterwork, dado and plate rails and quality radiator covers.
Following these faint lines and the vintage pictures, Dutcher was able to draw a reconstructed floor plan (Mullgardt's plans no longer exist), then restore elements like the benches, dentils on fireplace hearths, and plate rails in living and dining rooms.
The entrance to the property is a spacious hallway with plate rails and a coved ceiling.
The 19th century house has an upmarket air with good proportions and some quality touches including plate rails and decorative plasterwork.