player piano

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player piano,

an upright pianopiano
or pianoforte,
musical instrument whose sound is produced by vibrating strings struck by felt hammers that are controlled from a keyboard.

The piano's earliest predecessor was the dulcimer. The first piano was made c.
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 incorporating a mechanical system that automatically plays the encoded contents of a paper strip. This strip, perforated with holes whose position and length determine pitch and duration, is drawn over a pneumatic device that shoots streams of air through the holes. The air is guided through a tube to the corresponding hammer, which strikes the string. The pieces used in player pianos often reproduced performances by famous pianists. Although popular during the late 19th and early 20th cent., the player piano was eclipsed by phonographs and radios.

player piano

a mechanical piano; Pianola
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During the first quarter of the twentieth century, Grinnell increased its piano line to include uprights, baby grands, and player pianos.
The first chapter defines the player piano and argues for "an analogy between storing more music and providing more storage space for music as a topic in Edwardian fiction" (6).
Steinway Spirio is the product of Steinway & Sons' partnership with Wayne Stahnke, an innovator in the field of modern player pianos.
Player piano advertisers first emphasized the human operator providing a "self" to the music being played, and then later the importance of "the music itself.
The Aeolian Company, for example, said of its player piano, "Let no one suppose that the Pianola is an automatic instrument, or that it produces 'mechanical music.
One day in 2005, the couple stopped at a San Diego thrift shop and came upon an Aeolian spinet player piano.
It's like a Fence Lollapalooza with Jeremy Radway from The Player Piano, Pictish and the King Creosote Band all squeezed into a Vauxhall," he says with a smile, referring to the legendary US touring rock festival.
The player piano will still be a part of the scene, but now will offer 300 songs.
This" is a Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV, the newest in the piano company's line of what amount to highly sophisticated player pianos.
Anyone expecting an austere, quietly reverent musical excursion will be quickly disabused by the sight of a player piano emerging from an empty gallery to advance on the receding camera, the piano's moving parts fluttering madly to the notes of "The Goldberg Variations" (pie's most-sampled Bach opus).
That wasn't so surprising after five Player Piano Studies by Conlon Nancarrow, played with breathtaking ensemble.
This huge and unwieldy system, which had the daunting appearance of a wall of buttons and knobs, was controlled by a punched paper roll similar to a player piano roll.