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plea bargaining,

negotiation in which a defendant agrees to plead guilty to a criminal charge in exchange for concessions by the prosecutor (representing the state). The defendant waives the right to trial, losing any chance for acquittal, but usually avoids conviction on a more serious charge. The state, on the other hand, is not required to go through a long, costly trial. Issues negotiated in plea bargaining include a reduction of the charge, a specific recommendation for sentence, or agreement by the prosecutor not to oppose a request for probation. In the United States, vast majority of criminal cases at the state and federal levels are settled by plea bargains; less than 10% of federal felony cases, for example, go to trial. In 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that defendants have a constitutional right to competent legal advice with respect to a plea bargain.
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The Magana court held that a new trial was not sufficient to "neutralize" the constitutional harm suffered by an individual who missed a plea bargain opportunity due to ineffective assistance of defense counsel.
Former NAB chief Qamar Zaman Chaudhry faced severe criticism last year after he accepted a plea bargain request of former Balochistan secretary finance Mushtaq Raisani in the Rs3 billion corruption case.
We don't need a plea bargain, we have 70 witnesses that were there, and hard evidence.
A 1978 study quoted a prosecutor who "explained that in those sections the local sheriffs have a major influence in selecting an appropriate plea bargain.
According to press reports, on January 1, 2017, Accountability Court II of Quetta returned with some objections the plea bargain application of Mushtaq Raisani, approved by the Executive Board of NAB, of returning Rs.
at 2668 ("[I]t is difficult to imagine effective representation that does not include affirmatively seeking the best plea bargain possible given the circumstances of the case and defendant.
If a plea bargain is a confession or an admission, it is often one stating, "I did it," with "it" being the legal definition of the crime, but not what was actually done or how or why.
One such amendment should be with regard to those robbers and cheaters who have cheated this nation and its citizens and who are now under arrest, should be allowed to plea bargain with NAB on a condition that even if their application is accepted they will spend at least three years in imprisonment and these years should have the benefit of holidays being included.
In a statement on Monday, the Legal Services said the issue of authorising the plea bargain remains under investigation to determine the circumstances under which it was made, and any liability arising thereof.
18) This idea of ensuring procedure by documentation can be extended to the essentially administrative task of offering a plea bargain.
when a defense attorney fails to communicate a plea bargain or gives
document plea bargain offers and their related advice is the best