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plea bargaining,

negotiation in which a defendant agrees to plead guilty to a criminal charge in exchange for concessions by the prosecutor (representing the state). The defendant waives the right to trial, losing any chance for acquittal, but usually avoids conviction on a more serious charge. The state, on the other hand, is not required to go through a long, costly trial. Issues negotiated in plea bargaining include a reduction of the charge, a specific recommendation for sentence, or agreement by the prosecutor not to oppose a request for probation. In the United States, vast majority of criminal cases at the state and federal levels are settled by plea bargains; less than 10% of federal felony cases, for example, go to trial. In 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that defendants have a constitutional right to competent legal advice with respect to a plea bargain.
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One such amendment should be with regard to those robbers and cheaters who have cheated this nation and its citizens and who are now under arrest, should be allowed to plea bargain with NAB on a condition that even if their application is accepted they will spend at least three years in imprisonment and these years should have the benefit of holidays being included.
In a statement on Monday, the Legal Services said the issue of authorising the plea bargain remains under investigation to determine the circumstances under which it was made, and any liability arising thereof.
27) Also, the absence of the safeguards present at trial makes it easy to coerce a defendant into accepting a plea bargain "because of the threat of much harsher penalties after trial.
have been admitted as part of a plea bargain are the same charges the
If you ever have been accused of a crime (whether you are innocent or not), you can expect to be offered a plea bargain at some point.
Padilla at its word, the negotiation of a plea bargain, at least when
Still, there are tensions between the interests served by a trial verdict and a plea bargain, the cognitive dissonance between accuracy of outcome and the fairness of process as the proper end of justice.
Attorney Salim Wakim says that under the plea bargain reached with the Israeli military, Allawi said he was asked by Hamas members to report negatively about the U.
Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said: "This is a disappointing development," adding it reinforced the plea bargain between Garcia and former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, for which she was impeached at the House of Representatives.
TMZ noted that another hearing is set on February for the reported plea bargain Lilo's camp want to call on the LA court.
18) Moreover, the legal system compounds this harm by generally requiring defendants who wish to benefit from a plea bargain to confess factual guilt (as opposed to merely entering a formal plea of guilt).
If a defendant chooses to accept a plea bargain, then the deal must be better for the defendant than going to trial.