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Intense, small-scale folding.



small-scale folding usually observed in dense sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and occurring in thin layers as a result of tectonic deformations in highly plastic rocks.

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Because plication and reapproximation of potentially weak tissue, mainly in the anterior compartment, have been associated with widely variable degrees of success, novel techniques have been proposed to improve pelvic support.
Gastric plication is potentially reversible and is performed laparoscopically.
Measurements taken on the upper premolars and molars include mesostyle crown height (MSTHT), length of tooth (APL), width of tooth (TRNW), protocone length (PRTL), protocone width (PRTW), and number of plications.
The endoscopic tests demonstrated a proximal plication of the silicone tube, requiring its early removal.
Speaking about the new laparoscopic gastric plication, Gagner explained that the method originated in Iran in 2006.
Gastric plication is same as gastrectomy but without removing the stomach.
Plication with proximal and distal marginal folds induplicate.
A plication (or fold) is created and a suture (stitch) is placed to hold the fold in place.
Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome, sometimes called cheilitis granulomatosa, is a rare condition of unknown etiology characterized by noncaseating granulomatous inflammation of the face with edema, facial nerve paralysis, and plication of the tongue.
Casler and Conley assessed postoperative Frey's syndrome in three groups of patients: an SCM flap group, an SMAS plication group, and a control group in which no surgical preventive measures were taken.
At this time surgical options to limit the pathologic glenohumeral motion of acquired instability include thermal capsulorrhaphy and capsular plication.
In this schema, storage management and provisioning is based on ap plication data and service levels.