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To set the horizontal cross hair of a theodolite in the direction of a grade when establishing a grade between two points of known level.
The inclination of a geologic structure, especially a fold axis, measured by its departure from the horizontal. Also known as pitch; rake.



a city and administrative center of Plungė Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Located on the Babrungas River of the Neman River basin. Railroad station on the Klaipeda-Ŝ iauliai line. Population, 16,000 (1974). Plungė has factories that produce linen fabrics and artificial leather. It also has a butter factory and plants that manufacture structural elements and silos. There is a building technicum in Plunge.

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For information, to register for one of the plunges, or to support a plunger, visit the Special Olympics Illinois website at www.
The temperature was in the mid-40s when the plunge began at 11 a.
Plungers are encouraged to create a plunge team of four or more people, consisting of co-workers and classmates and from civic groups or places of worship.
While the number and type of plunges I require have varied over the years, the most recently required are: (1) Attend a service at the largest African American church in the city; (2) Attend a religious ceremony in a language which you do not understand (Spanish and Vietnamese are recommended, as they constitute the two most widely spoken languages among English Learners); (3) Interact with homeless people; and (4) Interact with people with disabilities.
Finally, Invisible Man plunges through the opening of a manhole cover that "for some reason" had been removed: "I felt myself plunge down, down; a long drop that ended upon a load of coal that sent up a cloud of dust, and I lay in the black dark upon the black coal no longer running.
Then here's a question you probably don't want to ask yourself mid-loop: If gravity causes objects to fall toward Earth, why doesn't your coaster train plunge to the ground?
Perhaps the market would drop just asdrastically without stock index futures, but it seems that during the recent plunges trading was reacting nto to economic news, but to market news, which was being shaped by the index futures and computerized trading.
All Polar Bear Plunge donations will be matched up to $30,000
Contract notice: Plunge city street lighting networks, traffic lights and other electrical equipment maintenance service.
Polar Plunge is an annual fundraiser by the Special Olympics organized by law enforcement agencies.
Many local waterfalls are still running well, and the falls in the Sierra are just coming into their peak, so take the plunge.
While some analysts said the pattern sets the stage for a comeback, others warned of continued jumps and plunges.