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1. Billiards Snooker any of the six holes with pouches or nets let into the corners and sides of a billiard table
2. Australian Rules football a player in one of two side positions at the ends of the ground


A recess in a wall to allow passage of a sliding door hanging on a track.

What does it mean when you dream about a pocket?

A pocket can be a symbol of female sexuality. In a dream, a pocket might contain our possessions or, alternatively, things that we hide or keep secret. A dream about pockets might also be alluding to the meaning of certain idioms, such as someone “lining their own pockets,” “burning a hole in one’s pocket,” “deep pockets,” or “to be in someone’s pocket.”.


(building construction)
A recess in a wall designed to receive a folding or sliding door in the open position.
(civil engineering)
A recess made in masonry to receive the end of a beam.
(computer science)
One of the several receptacles into which punched cards are fed by a card sorter.
A cavity that contains a deposit such as a gas or an ore.
An enclosed or sheltered place along a coast, such as a reentrant between rocky, cliffed headlands or a bight on a lee shore.
(mining engineering)
A receptacle from which coal, ore, or waste is loaded into wagons or cars.


1. A recess in masonry to receive the end of a beam.
2. The slot in the pulley stile of a double-hung window frame, through which the sash weight is passed into the sash weight channel; a sash pocket.
3. A recess at the head or jamb of a wall opening to receive a curtain.
4. A recess in the interior jamb of a window to receive a folding shutter when open.
5. A recess in a wall to receive a folding door in the open position.
6.See stage pocket.
7. A well-defined opening between the annual rings which develops during the growth of a tree.


From a Freudian point of view, pockets may symbolize the female reproductive organs. However, for many people this dream may have an entirely different meaning. The pockets in your dreams could represent those things that you keep just for yourself: your memory, your secrecy, your valuable possessions, or your inner resources. If you were hiding your hands in the pockets, it suggests that you may feel a degree of helplessness or guilt in regard to some situation in daily life.
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