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The lowest rates were calculated for the eluvial horizons of the Podzols and the Luvisol (0.
The only overlapping characteristics may be found for qualifiers albic and dystric, which are common for Albeluvisols (pseudopodzolic soils) and Epigleyic and Fibrihistic Podzols (gley-podzols), and luvic, which is common for Luvisols (lessive brown soils) and Albeluvisols.
Process Regsol Brunisol Organic Solonetz Physical mixing l 1 o 1 Minerai weathering l 1 o 1 Formation secondary minerals o 1 o m Leaching o 1 o o Eluvial --illuvial o 1 o h Organic matter accumulation o m h o Process Chernozen Podzol Luvisol Physical mixing m o o Minerai weathering m m m Formation secondary minerals 1 m m Leaching 1 m m Eluvial --illuvial m h h Organic matter accumulation m m m
The soil slices was prepared from podzol soil or humus, thickness of humus layer was 3 to 10 cm.
Sod-podzolic soil is the most common soil type in Latvia, but illuvial humus podzol is common only in lowlands (Karklins et al.
From the viewpoint of soil diversity, aeolian dune sediments (7 sampling plots), where Arenosols (6 sampling plots) and Podzols (1 sampling plot) are common, are relatively homogeneous (Table 1).
Tyler G (2004) Vertical distribution of major, minor, and rare elements in a Haplic Podzol.
Earlier podzolization chronosequence studies from Michigan suggested a wide scatter in podzol formation rates (50-10,000 years), even within small regions.
The sequence of sorption affinity of metals toward subsoils was found to be the following: Pb > Cr > Cu > Cd for Podzoluvisol, Cr > Pb > Cu >> Cd for Podzol, Pb > Cu >> Cr > Cd for Podzolic Gleysols, Pb >> Cu, Cd >> Cr for Rendzic Leptosol.
The presence of Podzol without any (sub)sections of different age was noted also by the participants of the Baltic traverse tour of the INQUA XIV International Congress in 1995.
1995), and another understory palm, Leopoldinia piassaba, has high densities of seedlings, juveniles, and adults on gley and podzol soils in a floodplain forest, whereas only a few seedlings and small juveniles occur on a nearby hill (Lescure et al.
The lowest Si content was found in the Podzol E horizons (upper slope 0.