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A stoa or porch on the agora of ancient Athens having walls adorned with paintings of historical and religious subjects.
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Termina creando su propia escuela en el Portico o Stoa poikile de Atenas (5).
These people, after all, saw long-dead heroes in action in their battles: Echetlus mowed down Persians with his plough at Marathon; Theseus and the hero Marathon himself rose out of the earth to help--all duly represented at Athens, along with Heracles and Athena, in the famous painting of the baffle publicly commissioned and displayed in the Stoa Poikile.
At first glance, it is true, this seems but a pendant to the fictitious representation of the battle of Salamis, but there is more to it than meets the eye: it is in fact a reference to the famous |Battle of Marathon' by Panaenus -- brother (or nephew) of Phidias -- in the Stoa Poikile at Athens, the classic account of which is to be found in Pausanias:
Zeno's school was continued by Cleanthes and Chrysippus and derived its name from the Stoa Poikile, a painted colonnade or porch at Athens in which Zeno and his successors lectured.
The Stoa Poikile is specifically referenced in 678-9.
36) For example the paintings of the Stoa Poikile at Athens [1.