point of delivery

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point of service

point of service, 3
1. The location at which service cables installed by an electrical utility company joins the customer’s service entrance conductors in one or more terminating enclosures.
2. The location at which a customer’s service entrance conductors joins the electrical utility company’s facilities in a transformer, vault, or enclosure.
3. The initial junction of the customer’s gas piping with either the gas company’s piping extending from the gas main and/or the regulator which reduces the pressure of an undiluted liquefied petroleum gas to the pressure normally delivered to appliances.
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Far-reaching changes are needed to keep the National Health Service free at the point of delivery and this means users have to be more mindful of the way they use the service, and those who work in the service must realise that taxpayer-funding is not a bottomless pit.
Contract award notice: cleaning social point of delivery of the purity and sugar and tea to the social points.
Derya Jinsop ATHE law provides that consumers have a reasonable amount of time to inspect goods that are delivered, which does not mean at the point of delivery.
Chief executive Dr Peter Carter said: "Nurses and healthcare assistants have reaffirmed their passionate belief that the NHS should be free at the point of delivery.
Let's pray this idea never comes to any A&Es, as the core principle of the NHS is that it is free at the point of delivery.
According to official handout, both the parties have, after thorough negotiations, agreed upon a draft commercial agreement except the provision of domestic transportation of sugar from mills to the point of delivery which will be finalized as soon as the clarification, sought by the Ministry of Commerce from the ECC of the Cabinet of government of Pakistan, is received.
MacAskill said the extra funding would allow the teams to "continue to deliver a first-class, front-line, voluntary service, free at the point of delivery, in the face of increasing demand and often in extremely challenging conditions".
Now here is no monopoly, any Tom, Dick or Harry can set up a postal business, though our hard-pressed Post Office is responsible at the point of delivery.
NHS dentistry defies the founding principle that the NHS is free at the point of delivery and the charges are more of a barrier to attending a dental appointment than the fear of the dentist's chair.
IT is the Government's great boast that our National Health Service is free for all at the point of delivery.
The new vehicles will have temperature recorders with on-board printouts, providing 24-hour audits of stored temperatures at point of delivery.