point of delivery

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point of service

point of service, 3
1. The location at which service cables installed by an electrical utility company joins the customer’s service entrance conductors in one or more terminating enclosures.
2. The location at which a customer’s service entrance conductors joins the electrical utility company’s facilities in a transformer, vault, or enclosure.
3. The initial junction of the customer’s gas piping with either the gas company’s piping extending from the gas main and/or the regulator which reduces the pressure of an undiluted liquefied petroleum gas to the pressure normally delivered to appliances.
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As a country Wales cannot shut its eyes to what is going on around it in the world and think that the health services can be delivered free at the point of delivery indefinitely as we continue to slip down the economic league table.
The two sides also agreed to the point of delivery would be Amangarh, district Nowshera (KPK) and in this regard a commercial agreement between the two parties will be signed within next 15 days," it said, adding, on the proposal of Secretary Commerce, the two sides agreed to explore the potential of bilateral trade between the two countries and will have a technical level meeting soon.
Surely the answer to this finan-cial crisis lies in making a realistic charge on those who demand a translation service either at the point of delivery or through the council tax system?
It makes a nonsense of the claim that the NHS is free at the point of delivery.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Gearworks, a provider of wireless and Web-based applications that improve business at the point of delivery, announced today that the company's Chief Technology Officer, Robert M.
The tightest security controls are needed at delivery areas, with a fixed digital camera at the point of delivery and a permanent physical security presence.
Alternatively some foreign buyers want a price quote based on the export goods being picked up either at the Canadian exporter's place of business or at some specified point of delivery in Canada.
ONCE details of the BHB proposals were made public, attention turned to racing's initial point of delivery, the stable yard.
Personics created a system to make personalized cassette tapes in music stores at the point of delivery.
Three marketing-related conferences give healthcare marketers and their advertising agencies the opportunity to network with market leaders on marketing, selling, and point of delivery strategies for reaching the new healthcare consumer.
Every delivery is tracked by use of GPS-enabled hand held units, which record the point of delivery.
In front of the cameras, the Tory leader says he wants to keep the health service free at the point of delivery.