point of origin

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initial point (IP)

i. A well-defined point, easily distinguishable visually and/or electronically, used as a starting point for the run-in to the target.
ii. A point close to the landing area where serials (troop carrier air formations) make final alterations to the course to pass over individual drop or landing zones.
iii. That point from which any survey is initiated. Also called the point of origin.
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Digitiliti's DigiLIBE[TM] is a simple to use system designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability of data from its point of origin to final disposition.
Nor can the viewer locate the "secret" through an easy identification with some putative point of origin.
Mounted in one of the shuttle's windows was a "retro-reflector,' designed to reflect a low-powered (4-watt) argon ion laser beam, aimed by a computer, directly back to its point of origin on Maui, Hawaii.
Also considered in the rating is the population- and point of origin consumption-driven distribution formula for highway user tax revenues.
When light is emitted into space from a single point of origin - but that point of origin isn't a star - astronomers call that point a quasi-stellar (i.
Users of the server will have dozens of ways to query the system, to include using transportation control numbers, point of origin or destination, and cargo dimensions.
The importance of the South as a point of origin is implicit in Walker's assertion about the threefold purpose of her book: "to define Richard Wright, to analyze and assess his work, and to show the correlation between the man and his work.
The supply chain's weakest link is the transport of containers from the factory point of origin to a foreign port.
With both teams working in unison, we retained in-transit visibility of the division's cargo from its upload at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to its final inland destination in Thailand--from the point of origin to final destination.
Instead, twist the flower stalks off so that they detach in their entirety from their point of origin on the rhizome.
VeriPrime's goal is to develop and maintain a program with viable, credible, monitored standards for traceability that provide members, governmental and non-governmental purchasing organizations and consumers the assurance that livestock, produce and food products that have been certified as complying with the applicable standards are traceable to their point of origin.