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pointel, pointelle

1. A pattern in a pavement, formed by small squares or lozenges laid diagonally.
2. Any similar pattern.
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Sacchi Gaulli Salini Gimignani Stanchi Grimaldi Tempesta Jannetti Vouet Lanfranco Patrons with at Least Eight Observations in the Estimated Sample Aldobrandini Mattei Altemps Mazarin Barberini Medici Borghese Orsini Patrons with at Least Eight Observations in the Estimated Sample Capocaccia Peretti montalto Chigi Pointel Church Pope Colonna Roscioli Filomarino Ruffo Foreign nobles Sacchetti Gonzaga Vatican St.
2000) showed that the same specie of Trichogramma maxacalli Voegele and Pointel, 1980 (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae), collected in different regions, can show distinct behaviour and biological aspects, and Borba et al.
OPENING THE PRESENTS: Three piece pointel pyjama set, pounds 15; BLACK shoe boot with silver heel, pounds 15; BLUE snowflake slippers, pounds 4; JEWEL detail clutch bag, pounds 7; SELECTION of jewellery from pounds 2; BOXING DAY WALK: Teal roll neck jumper, pounds 14; straight leg blue jeans, pounds 12; black lace up moccasin tassle boot, pounds 17.
If this is an experiment, some of his test tubes fizzle out, such as his curious free verse poems that punctuate the diary, written variously in the voices of Clark, Poussin, and his banker-patron Pointel.
Students and teachers will be bringing top-quality local food products, such as cheeses (including Camembert and a new cheese - Le Petit Pointel, organic bread, wine, vinegar, ham, a cheese bread, calvados, cider, perry, and other Normandy products.