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Evelyn Cisneros, a former San Francisco Ballet principal, also began pointe work at age 11.
Santa Claus is not the recommended purveyor of pointe shoes.
Contrary to general belief, Marie Taglioni (1804-1884) was the most popular, but not the first, to dance on pointe.
A pointe shoe, however, that is too long, too wide, or hangs off the heel is dangerous should it move when a dancer is on or off pointe.
If a dancer, ready for pointe work and over twelve years old, requires a very large or small size, it can be custom made for her.
Male Russian Cossacks dance on their square-toed boots, and some teachers still encourage males to do pointe work at the barre to build strength, provided there is no buckling of the toes at the metatarsals -- the short lateral bones at the head of the toes.
A test for readiness for pointe work is that the student is able to hold a passe on demi-pointe for about forty-five seconds facing the barre, without a wobble, supporting knee straight, hips square, and light hands on the barre.