poison glands

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poison glands:

see venomvenom
or zootoxin,
any of a variety of poisonous substances produced by animals. In poisonous snakes, venom is secreted in two poison glands, one on each side of the upper jaw, and enters the fang by a duct.
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Morphology and histology of the poison glands and sting of the imported fire ant (Solenopsis saevissima v.
Harvestmen, though, lack the poison glands and silk-making ability of spiders, and are probably more closely related to mites and scorpions.
The treatment was essential as the veins connecting the poison glands were damaged.
The venom distribution system begins with the venom or poison glands, moving on to the venom-conducting tube or duct through which the venom travels into the venom canal in the fang.