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see polarization of lightpolarization of light,
orientation of the vibration pattern of light waves in a singular plane. Characteristics of Polarization

Polarization is a phenomenon peculiar to transverse waves, i.e.
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Any of several instruments used to determine the effects of substances on polarized light, in which linearly or elliptically polarized light passes through the substance being studied, and then through an analyzer.
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8 shows the optical image of the cube in the plane crossed polariscope when polarizing elements are parallel to the borders of the cube.
9 shows the image of the same cube in a plane parallel polariscope.
Seebeck recorded the fringe pattern also in the plane crossed polariscope with polarizing elements parallel to the diagonal of the cube surface (Fig.
The polariscope is automatic, and stress profile measurement time is about 3 s.
Figure 4 shows photoelastic fringe pattern in a circular polariscope.