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see codcod,
member of the large family Gadidae, comprising commercially important food fishes. The family, whose members are found in the N Atlantic and Pacific, includes the tomcods, the haddock, and the pollacks (or pollocks).
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(Pollachius virens), a marine pelagic fish of the family Gadidae. The body reaches a length of 120 cm and a weight of 10 kg. The pollack is distributed in the northern regions of the Atlantic Ocean. It is common in the Barents Sea, especially in the southern part, and it is also encountered in the White Sea. In early summer the fish migrates north, and in autumn it journeys south. The pollack, which makes daily vertical migrations, feeds on small fishes and pelagic crustaceans. Spawning occurs from January to April, and the roe are pelagic. The pollack is commercially fished.


, pollock
a gadoid food fish, Pollachius pollachius, that has a dark green back and a projecting lower jaw and occurs in northern seas, esp the North Atlantic Ocean
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Ships carrying pollack caught by Korean fishers in Russian waters return to the harbor around that time of year.
And since you'll be doing a lot of walking and standing, Pollack advises that you wear a comfortable pair of shoes.
A hugely popular Collection on QVC for twenty years, this past year has boosted the brand's visibility even more with collaboration between Carolyn Pollack and superstar entertainer Jennifer Nettles.
In fact, Pollack writes in the New York Times [10/3/13], when she interviewed her former adviser as part of the research for her book, he told her the thesis was "exceptional.
Pollack was known for his considerable ego and big waistline.
Pollack can be caught from a number of places, with wrecks, both inshore and offshore, producing good size fish.
14 May 2010 - US bank holding company Cape Bancorp (NASDAQ:CBNJ) said on Thursday it has appointed Michele Pollack as executive vice president (EVP) and chief lending officer of both the holding company and its subsidiary Cape Bank.
Pollack also enumerates US interests in the various nations.
In addition, Pollack surfaces a rumor that to burnish his nationalist credentials al-Maliki will insist on a national referendum to validate the security agreement with the Americans.
In A Path Out of the Desert, Kenneth Pollack posits as his central thesis that the Muslim Middle East is in a "pre-revolutionary" state, on the verge of civil strife unless the United States begins serious long-term efforts to instigate reform.
BOAT anglers in Luce Bay are enjoying a summer fishing bonanza with pollack, codling and whiting galore for everyone who takes to the water.