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see tadpoletadpole,
larval, aquatic stage of any of the amphibian animals. After hatching from the egg, the tadpole, sometimes called a polliwog, is gill-breathing and legless and propels itself by means of a tail.
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Each fish was quickly dispatched with a fish bonker that Jake had proudly carved himself in his pollywog days.
Eggs hatch quickly, entering the aquatic larval or second stage, better known as the tadpole or pollywog.
It's very possible you'd like to know The reason why the Pollywog don't go With his red brethren.
Part IV will follow the pollywog through the ritual process.
Deer-hair Pollywogs (see page74) provide heart-thumping visuals.
On Thursday, the episode titles for the first seven episodes, which are "MADMAX," "Trick or Treat, Freak," "The Pollywog," "Will the Wise," "Dig Dug," and "The Spy" in that order, were announced.
I was barely a pollywog back then, but I had darned near wrecked every plane I could get my hands on.
Chief puppeteer Stephen DeLang, along with guest artist Celeste Rose, will perform the shows, including one play about an egg that becomes a pollywog that becomes a frog.
Meanwhile, Netflix has revealed the episode titles for "Stranger Things" Season 2, which are "Madmax," "The Boy Who Came Back To Life," "The Pumpkin Patch," "The Palace," "The Storm," "The Pollywog," "The Secret Cabin," "The Brain" and "The Lost Brother," according to (http://screenrant.
I wonder if there's a connection between LTD and the $23 million pollywog pond out on Green Hill Road and the guys who keep laying bricks in the roads and then tear them back up, then do it all over again, while complaining about the revolving door on the jail.