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a medical establishment providing many types of outpatient care to the public. Polyclinics have staffs of specialists and supplies and equipment that provide specialized medical care both at the polyclinic and at home.

In the USSR, outpatient clinics and polyclinics are generally located in hospitals, although independent polyclinics also exist. All polyclinics have offices staffed by physicians specializing in most major branches of medicine. They also have physiotherapy divisions and clinical and diagnostic laboratories.

Preventive treatment provided in polyclinics includes regular physical examinations of workers; specialized examinations to detect incipient forms of such diseases as cancer, tuberculosis, and diabetes; vaccinations; and dispensary programs for various categories of the population. Polyclinics operate according to the district principle.

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Omar Al-Ajaji and confident that we can contribute to the continued development of Al-Ajaji Group as it grows its reputation as one of the leading polyclinic operators in the Kingdom".
The delivery of medicare at polyclinics is also hampered by the shortage of staff and non-availability of the prescribed medicines.
According to a statement issued by the RC, Iran's third polyclinic in Kenya will be opened in the Southeastern city of Mombasa in the near future.
To this end, it is important to note that the workflow processes of all polyclinics in Singapore are not uniform as the heads of the polyclinics are given the autonomy to run their clinics in manners which they deem fit for their patients.
Accordingly, NHRA urges all private clinics and polyclinics to exercise caution in prescribing narcotics and adhere to article 15 of Law by Decree number 7, 1989 that regulates the practice of medicine and dentistry.
But two of the polyclinics built in the North East have a very small number of patients on their books, with some people now suggesting that the centres - costing an average of pounds 1.
As part of its ambitious healthcare expansion plans in Qatar, the UAE-headquartered Doctors Group has launched its first polyclinic in Abu Hamour in Doha.
Super-surgeries, or polyclinics, are designed to make it easier for people to see a GP and have simple tests and treatments carried out without having to go to hospital.
Some super GP surgery centres or polyclinics have been set up with five-year contracts, and experts say that any activity below 100%will represent a complete waste of money.
black hole" in the Government's finances as a result of plans for polyclinics, the Tories claimed today.
Tory leader, David Cameron launched has a campaign to save the family doctor, insisting Government proposals for 150 polyclinics across England will result in the closure of about 1,700 surgeries.
Polyclinics in many areas will be climinated, with ambulatory care provided in either the outpatient department of the hospital or the Primary Care Center (PHC).