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Polyethylene Furanoate (PEF) Market Size and Forecast for the Period 2014-2022
The Asia-Pacific region accounted for the largest share of the global chlorinated polyethylene market in 2015.
Company capacity shares for key Polyethylene producers
The Asia/Pacific region will continue to be the largest and fastest growing polyethylene market through 2018, fueled by strong growth in China, which alone accounted for nearly one-quarter of global demand in 2013.
Company snapshots including company overview, business description and information on the current and upcoming Polyethylene plants
Radiographic review showed no progressive radiolucencies or polyethylene fracture in either cohort.
The dose needed to bring about disimpaction will be higher than that used in maintenance therapy; but nonetheless, polyethylene glycol has been proven to be an effective option in both scenarios.
When polyethylene is chlorinated, there will not be a chlorine atom on every other carbon atom.
This characteristic allows for the superior joining procedure of polyethylene over other materials.
Polyethylene is a plastic used in a wide range of products -- from food packaging, paper coatings and toys to garbage bags and squeeze bottles.
Contract awarded for Supply Pipes High Density Polyethylene.