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multifoil: window
multifoil: arch
Having more than five foils, lobes, or arcuate divisions.
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We offer extruded tubes in plastic, polyfoil and PCR.
Polyfoil proved to be the tube material of choice for the recent additions to celebrity hair stylist Mitch Stone's range of Mitch Stone Essentials professional styling products.
Following an exhaustive search, TricorBraun selected Polyfoil tubes.
Hoffmann Neopac AG, Oberdiessbach, Switzerland, produced a package for Strivectin's Advanced Retinol Night Treatment using its polyfoil tube to provide outstanding barrier protection.
Due to the overcoating technology of polyfoil, the tube gets a higher restoring force which supports the premium perception of the package.
And now brands with products that require all the barrier properties of a polyfoil tube have more design options.
Neopac has a collection of polyfoil tubes called Gloss, which were launched at the end of 2012.
Neopac has a new airless polyfoil tube, AirShield, which has been in development since 2011, and is expected to come on the market this fall.
Now that we can offer airless with polyfoil, it brings our customers a step forward.
While the polyfoil tubes [provided by Pennco Containers] are reminiscent of oil paint tubes, Lustrino says the silver look is aesthetic--a design element.