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The company said its 85HP is an enhanced polyimide resin system designed to meet the ever increasing requirements for performance and reliability of complex circuits that has a Tg of 250oC and is based on Arlon's proven 85N polyimide resin.
They are available individually or packaged in a kit, which also contains a 5-m guard column, Y-connector and polyimide resin.
Substrate Flexible Film: Polyimide, PET, LCP, PEN, PEEK Others: Paper, cloth, metal foil, hybrid material Conductor Silver powder, copper powder, carbon powder Metal coated plastic Nano particulate powder Insulation Epoxy resin, acrylic resin, polyester resin, polyimide resin Functional Piezo electric materials Optical Organic electroluminescence materials, transparent resins Interconnection Anisotropic conductive paste, ACF Active material Semiconductor paste Shielding Silver paste, carbon paste TABLE 2.
Making a GC that is stable past 370[degrees]C is difficult because both the polyimide resin and the GC column stationary phase become instable at high temperatures.
Japanese chemical company "Foray developed a new photosensitive polyimide resin with a curing temperature below 200[degrees]C for use in semiconductor device protection.
Large number of studies about DA concerns the results of the research of the cure process of epoxide and polyimide resin system, including modification with polysiloxanes.
Polyimide resin is highly heat resistant and has a low dielectric constant, allowing the FPC to achieve improved reliability and reduced transmission losses.
Richard Van Ryper, senior development engineer at the company's engineered polymers division, suggested that the transfer case manufacturer try washers made from Vespel, DuPont's polyimide resin.
The thermally cured polyimide resin plate was removed from the mold at room temperature.
The new foil has high bond strength with polyimide resin for high flexing endurance.
Existing polyimide resin and composites for high-temperature aerospace applications are restricted to long-term 288[degrees]C temperature ranges.
has appointed DuPont Vespel Parts and Shapes to be the exclusive distributor for Mitsui's Aurum thermoplastic polyimide resin in the U.