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ability to use two languages. Fluency in a second language requires skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing, although in practice some of those skills are often considerably less developed than others.
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To do that work, we will need to work closely with polylingual scholars in those societies who are capable of understanding how cultural dialogue works in both (and often multiple) directions.
55) If this instruction included the teaching of reading, lip reading, or oral communication in Hebrew, then it established a remarkable and uniquely polylingual environment for deaf youth.
In following the entrails of ancient Nordicisms may we not be in danger of overlooking, for instance, the polylingual coincidence whereby bog, in modern Danish, is the word for book?
God, these days, wears a multi-colored coat, and her sojourn in Egypt has made her a polylingual religious market shopper along winding roads and twisting alleys.
For those of us who are not polylingual, they are a godsend.
Using her professional training as a medical researcher, Puhvel investigated the family medical records to locate breast cancer in Lydia Jannsen's maternal line; carefully reconstructing the polylingual cultural ambience and class structure of the late-nineteenth-century provincial town of Tartu, she reminds her nationalist readers that Koidula was by no means an exception as an educated Estonian in marrying a Baltic German and speaking German at home.
The polylingual and polycultural world of the medieval period was rewritten according to later standards of philological purity, just as Columbus' memoirs were rewritten in a purified Castillian form.
Amid this polylingual chorus, however, he never forgot the black rural and urban blues he heard during his black American years.
Polylingual performance among Turkish-Danes in late-modern Copenhagen.
Of course, the new American Studies in its comparative, polylingual, hemispheric scope is itself decidedly ideological, despite the significant differences of its many practitioners.
She closes with a fascinating chapter on gender, national representation, and the impact of the polylingual and the alien on culture.
Ed Wolpow comments "In 'Smynonyms or Definitive Palindromes', Anil does not mention the variant of the phonetic smynonym, not to mention the polylingual smynonym.