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This is not a polymer plastic derived board which sources are currently saying was used at Grenfell.
Elsewhere broken chunks of the white polymer plastic, stuck together with colored tape, were seen washed up on the dam banks.
A polymer plastic PS10 note with novelist Jane Austen on it will follow next summer and a new PS20 note will land in 2020.
Deputy Governor of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Saeed Ahmed informed the committee that polymer plastic currency notes would not be possible in Pakistan because of not favourable weather.
MANY of your readers may not know this but during 2016, the Bank of England is to introduce a new polymer plastic PS5 note to replace the current paper note, the latter to be withdrawn from general circulation over time.
Housed in a high impact polymer plastic, Touchpoint Plus offers a versatile and durable solution to controlling gas detectors across multiple sectors that is designed to stand up to the challenges of industrial environments, from chemical plants to manufacturing.
They use polymer plastic technology to absorb moisture already in the canal to expand and create a seal.
If a public consultation reveals support, it will lead to the [pounds sterling]5 and [pounds sterling]10 note being transformed into a polymer plastic by 2017.
The Easy-Loader two-compartment canine crate is made from a strong, sun-resistant, lightweight (32 pounds) polymer plastic to hold two dogs as big as 70 pounds.
As a cover material it feels softer and warmer than the traditional PC/ABS polymer plastic.
We are also expanding into other pack formats which reduce weight, such as individual sachets of salad dressing in our Singles range and top down squeezy (TDS) rigid polymer plastic bottles.
Most of the new bills will be printed on special polymer plastic paper, as = is already the case with the 20-shekel note.

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