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The more detailed investigation, the continuing refinement of crystal structures in all groups of phyllosilicates, their polymorphs, and polytypes in later decades has shown many irregularities.
They found that the most prevalent defect was formation of a new triclinic polytype, with an ionic arrangement closely related to that in the accepted structure.
dyn] into [MATHEMATICAL NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the Obvious homomorphic extension (to monotypes ([Tau] and polytypes [Sigma]) of
On the basis of peaks area 15-35 2[theta][degrees] was identified the 1Md polytype of illite.
1978), which exists as both trigonal and triclinic polytypes (Trinh Thi Le Thu et al.
Of special note is the structure determination of the various polytypes of [Ca.
Polymorphs, but exceptionally polytypes, are taken as mineral species.
The clearest distinction between the two polytypes is obtained by means of X-ray diffraction.
Classification and X-ray identification of MDO polytypes.
Polytypes are substances that occur in several different structural modifications, each of which may be regarded as being built up by the stacking of layers of (nearly) identical structure and composition, and with the modifications differing only in their stacking sequence (Guinier et al.
This system of designating polytypes is not followed in the book.