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Using pondage higher than it is permissible under the treaty is in Indian benefit, but damages Pakistan, adding New Delhi is violating the provisions of the treaty.
In case of a hydro plant with pondage area, the water is allowed to flow downhill to generate instant power for a small duration when the need arises.
Indian sovereignty is necessary over this region to construct a bund and pondage area of about a hectre.
About another project, the Nimoo-Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant of 45MW, the minister said that Pakistan's question with regard to freeboard/parapet wall was addressed by ICIW during the 105th meeting of PIC by making openings (4"X4") in the solid parapet wall at Dam crest level, however, on the questions of Pondage, Spilway and Power Intake, Pakistan is intending to proceed further under the IWT.
Old Talbingo is now under the water of Snowy scheme pondage.
Soon a pondage was growing nicely beside our house, with a spillway into our drainage system.
Among the practices that will be encouraged are soil conservation, integrated pest management, fencing, contour plowing, ditching, terracing, pondage and troughs, natural fertilizers, wood-saving stoves and slope correction.
to make the Canal limits something of a park, with woods and tended gardens at the locks, definite park areas, the pondage and other water areas turned into lakes and sown with wild rice and the whole zone turned into a bird sanctuary (Department of Railways and Canals, 1933).
This facet of the Columbia River Treaty, one of the most controversial in recent Kootenay history, also involved construction by the US of dams in Canada to provide flood control and storage; this pondage affected expanses of arable land and a number of communities.
Table 1 provides information on the rainfall timing and amount, maximum pondage water depth, and runoff volume within subwatershed T6 for the four rainfall/runoff ponding events monitored in 1993 and one in 1995.
Except for the main rivers Indus and Jhelum, all other rivers, canals and tributaries are open to investors for installing run-of-the river type plants with daily pondage, if required.
Unsurprisingly, India has defended its stance, claiming that the projects built on western rivers are run-of-the-river projects, which use the flow of water in its natural course, without any storage or pondage.