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popping, blowing, pitting, pops

Shallow conical depressions, ranging in size from pinheads to diameters of ¼ in. (64 mm), just below the surface of a lime-putty finish coat; caused by the expansion of coarse particles of unhydrated lime or of foreign substances.
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The unit can make up to nine pops before refreezing the unit again.
While iPhone users are stuck with the same Apple motif as the millions of other iPhone users, Pops takes personalization to the next level and lets Android users truly personalize their device with a one-of-a-kind mobile experience you can't get on an iPhone.
com)-- Pop Pals Ice Pop Holders is debuting its new jumbo size Pop Pals at the New York Toy Fair 2012 February 12-15th, booth # 5953.
Pops require about 5 hours to set up before eating.
All pops contain water and, for some individuals, may be a primary source of dietary fluid.
Some models have, suggested for example, that POPs released into the air in China will show up in Canada three to five days later.
And then there are Pieter Schoolwerth's cruel tableaux that entwine corporate logos, products, media stars, and mutant figures in the most concise argument for the candy-coated terror that Surrealism crossed with Pop can wield.
Disadvantages of POPs are tackiness, low modulus, and higher cost.
The UNEP negotiators will not tackle the other four POPs slated for controls under UN/ECE--polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, chlordecone (kepone), hexabromobiphenyl, and lindane.
So for the left-leaning Labour Party to feature the red white and blue so prominently was a real turnaround, the latest in a bewildering blur of Union Jacks across the media: what began as a half-serious polemic - to boost British pop in the face of grunge and techno - has become a political battleground.
It provides members with the opportunity to purchase VIP ticket packages to Boston Pops, the Utah Symphony, and other events that Mr.
Real Fruit Juice Pops in new fruit combinations including kiwi-strawberry, Caribbean blue fruit punch and tropical orange.