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Still or moving images, usually of women, in varying states of nudity, posing or performing erotic acts with men, women, animals, machines, or other props. Some say it degrades women, some say it corrupts young boys (who down-load it from the World-Wide Web or exchange it on floppy disks). Most of it is in the form of JPEG images. There are many sites on the World-Wide Web offering porn of all sorts, almost always for a subscription. It is said that these are a driving force in the evolution of new technology and techniques for the web. Advertisments for them certainly constitute a significant proportion of all spam. There are even pornographic computer games, an early example being Mac Playmate.

Beware - many institutions, particularly universities, have strict rules against their computers and networks being used to transfer or store such things, and you might get corrupted.


erotic, sometimes violent or brutal, sexual representations (in e.g. literature or film) that meet social opposition on the grounds that they offend and degrade or exploit women or young people. A lack of literary or artistic merit is sometimes a further criterion. One view of pornography is that is provides opportunities for sexual outlet in which the male gaze, and male conceptions of desire, can still prevail (sec also QUEER THEORY). Attitudes to pornography are complex, however, especially given that pornography for women also exists.



vulgarly naturalistic and indecent depictions of sex in literature, art, theater, films, and so forth. Pornographic books, magazines, drawings, photographs, and films are produced in enormous quantities in the capitalist countries. In the USSR, the dissemination of pornographic writings and pictures is punishable by law (see, for example, the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, art. 228).

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Malekpour, 38, was convicted of running a pornographic website, with evidence being the fact that his name appeared in the credits on the website.
With Chinese mobile phones selling at cheap rates, dealers had been inserting a chip loaded with pornographic clippings to attract customers, Anil Ojha," additional commissioner of police ( south- west), said.
The video, which has since been removed from Editor's Picks, is just one of the many pornographic films uploaded to Vine since the new app was launched last week.
He pulled out a pornographic magazine, which he began to read.
According to the New York Daily News, XNXX Galleries, a pornographic website with more visitors in Egypt than Twitter or Wikipedia, was ranked 15.
Away from the political side of the matter, blocking pornographic websites would be expensive.
BEIRUT: General Security personnel raided cinemas showing pornographic films in Tripoli and Nabaa and made several arrests, according to a statement issued by the Directorate General Wednesday.
Liverpool Crown Court heard staff confronted Taaffe and it was clear more than 200 pornographic internet sites had been viewed.
The Cypriot has already been convicted of possession of child pornographic material in 2010 and was fined e1/49,000.
Andrew Dymond, 46, was charged with possessing "an extreme pornographic image which portrayed in an explicit and realistic way a person performing an act of intercourse with a dead animal namely a squid which was grossly offensive, disgusting or of obscene character" on his computer.
He pleaded guilty at St Albans Crown Court yesterday to two counts of rape, one count of sexual assault, inciting a child to commit a sexual act, taking indecent images, possession of indecent images of children, possession of indecent movies of children and possession of extreme pornographic material, a police spokesman said.
When a Russian hacker last month broke into a giant video advertising billboard located in Moscow to run a pornographic film on it, it caused some chaos in city traffic.