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See the Sea veterans will feel a chill of dark portent as Rampling's Marie Drillon, an English professor on summer break, walks over the dune with her husband, Jean (Bruno Cremer), and hits the sand.
I think the people we work with will see this as a portent of doom and it's making people very anxious.
Based on the fact that Ban Gu simply quoted from different sources and seldom gave his own opinion in judging a portent, Sima Biao probably omitted some portents in the Later Han in order to avoid subjective and personal interpretations.
In their earlier 1973 housing scheme at Calle Maria Coronel in Seville, the free form of the central patio transforms the rationalism of the brick facades into an organic portent of work to come.
ses) is a dark-side word, chilling in its portent and elemental terror and clinical detachment: "1.
Destinee essentiellement aux enseignants-chercheurs et des doctorants en histoire, elle accueillera les personnes extra-universitaires qui portent un interet a l'histoire de la Revolution algerienne.
After almost 20 years as the Seattle-based digital marketing agency's CEO, Portent, Inc.
Ibrahim Abdul- Halim a explique que l'exposition contient les activites du groupe national dans le contexte africain et egalement comprend un certain nombre de peintures qui portent sur les questions les plus importantes liees a l'agriculture et l'alimentation conformement a la realite et l'experience du Soudan dans ce domaine.
Ce bloc feuillet a ete imprime sur papier en fil de soie naturelle, precise la meme source, notant que les deux timbres-poste portent chacun une valeur faciale de 8,40 dhs.
On ne sait pas qui ils sont, ils ne portent pas de papiers d'identite", se lamente le volontaire.
The dark tone makes the trailer's closing line "I just want to unzip my body and put you in there" laced with portent.
Losing at home to also relegated Doncaster was, I thought, a portent of things to come - that's if CCFC survive the season.