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1. A covered entrance whose roof is supported by a series of columns or piers, commonly placed at the front entrance to a building.
2. A stoa.
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With G&D s open and flexible mobile channel platform Portigo, banks are empowered to make their secure mobile app store an enticing mobile experience, G&D s Head of the Financial Institutions division points out.
The SmartTrust Portigo mobile wallet software allows smartphone users to electronically manage items they would traditionally keep in their back pockets, including payment, identity, or loyalty cards.
SmartTrust Portigo is a newly developed solution that allows everything contained in the traditional wallet, whether debit and credit cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, public transport tickets, or access keys, to be used via a smartphone.
The Munich-based technology group intends to demonstrate how its mobile wallet solution, SmartTrust Portigo, can turn a smartphone into a mobile wallet, and will also be highlighting its new NFC-enabled SIM card platform, SkySIM CX.