portland cement concrete

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A composite stonelike material formed by mixing an aggregate (such as stones of irregular shape or crushed rock) with cement (which acts as the binding material) and water, then allowing the mixture to dry and harden; portland cement, now used in making concrete, was not developed until the 19th century. Also see average concrete, cyclopean concrete, poured concrete, reinforced concrete.
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Also, though at higher costs, some of the cement combination concretes are more resistant to water penetration than Portland cement concrete at equal strength and these are metakaolin binary cement concretes at 10% and 15% MK contents and metakaolin ternary cement concretes(at total replacement level of 55%) at 10% and 15% MK contents.
Released in November, the latest technical bulletin, Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation -- Guide for Diamond Grinding, recommends procedures for selecting, designing, and constructing diamond grinding projects for portland cement concrete pavements.
The job calls for about 221,000 cubic yards of Portland Cement concrete, 17-inches-thick with a base of lean concrete seven inches thick.
Coal fly ash use in portland cement concrete (PCC) was selected as a model system to develop an accelerated aging approach.
work includes approx 170 sy of 12" subgrade reparation; 1 ea of 48" sanitary manhole; 218 lf f 10" sanitary sewer gravity main; 6 ea sanitary sewer reconnection; 1 ls bypass pumping; 27 sy of 8" portland cement concrete pavement reinforced; 151 sy portland cement concrete driveway; 32 sy portland cement concrete sidewalk; 158 tn aggregate surfacing; see attached file.
Researchers at FHWA have developed a precise method for determining the rate at which portland cement concrete (PCC) contracts and expands during temperature changes.
Tenders are invited for full depth concrete slab repair, portland cement concrete crack repairs, portland cement concrete joint repairs and joint sealant removal and replacement.
This report documents the entire portland cement concrete joint resealing study, including the installation of 31 unique joint seal treatments (i.
bid alternate a, if awarded, will consist of the base bid and additive #1 work, with construction of portland cement concrete pavements instead of asphalt pavements.

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