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Art a physical attitude, esp one deliberately adopted for or represented by an artist or photographer


A query language written in 1967.

["POSE: A Language for Posing Problems to Computers", S. Schlesinger et al, CACM 10:279-285, May 1967].
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1186/1756-0500-4-118) study , 64 arthritis sufferers underwent a yoga program to see if joint bending yoga poses improved hand grip strength.
When this fire burns (through the various core strengthening poses like boat pose, plank pose and breath practices like breath of fire), we become much more able to eliminate toxins from the body through the digestive system.
Virabhadrasana Pose is also known as the Warrior Pose; there are three variations of the Warrior pose, of which this is customarily numbered 1.
The proposed method able to measure various head poses with expected accuracy.
Good Morning Yoga" presents simple but classic yoga awakening poses described in rhyming verse phrases and illustrated with cheery children of different nationalities, demonstrating poses alone or in pairs, through a series of twelve yoga poses.
Calm includes information on meditation and mindfulness, as well as yoga poses that help relieve stress.
In tabular form she features injuries, the prevailing anatomical condition, how yoga helps, and the remediative yoga poses (asanas).
She describes poses that can help reduce symptoms of these conditions and promote overall breast health.
Now she has compiled a coffee-table-style book of 1,000 poses titled, "Study of Pose'' (Harper Design), with photographer Steven Sebring, to be published Tuesday.
Year-round Graham movement stresses her lower back and knees, so she relies on downward dogs and child's poses to find relief.
Years of practice notwithstanding, I am not a trained instructor; worse, I often delegate to the cadets the responsibility of leading the poses.
Qualification system without call for competition: Works poses gas pipes or mixed exposures (gas or gas and electric and / or fiber optic cable ducts pipes pipes) - the replacement of steel pipes, cast iron or asbestos PE pipes or steel (including connections) and poses cable - works extensions gas network and cable.