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Structural denudation of Silurian-Devonian high-grade metamorphic rocks and postorogenic detachment faulting in the Maritimes Basin, northern Nova Scotia.
The representatives of postorogenic magmatism, small monzonite-type mafic-felsic plutons of shoshonitic geochemical affinity, originating from the enriched lithospheric mantle, intruded into southern Finland 1.
The Estonian postorogenic and anorogenic infracrustal igneous bodies formed 1.
As the Saaremaa zone crosscuts the post-orogenic plutonic rocks, it can be considered as formed during postorogenic and anorogenic faulting phases.
Beginning with physical parameters, the list also included important aspects of orogenic and postorogenic evolution.
In cases of small units, as the rapakivi intrusions and postorogenic granitoids the spatial configuration was taken from the Map of the Precambrian Basement (Koistinen 1994).
The postorogenic granites and granite gneisses, mainly forming the crust above and around the upthrust blocks, are of nearly upper crust density, thus having only a minor influence on the gravity level.