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LIFE GOES ON: Coneheads (above) and potheads (left) brought a surreal touch to the city centre during previous Arts Alive festivals
Here, Naderites mingled with Hagelinites, potheads with policy wonks, in a combination movement-center and four-day-long celebrity talk show.
One competitor even accused us of being redneck potheads.
That said, I think it's ridiculous the police are having to chase a load of potheads around when they could be catching serious criminals.
They say pot can lead to addiction, but any substance used in excess can lead to addiction, and far more social drinkers become alcoholics than recreational pot smokers become potheads.
One day after an ESPN report led to the University of Oregon football team being painted as a band of chronically stoned potheads, UO coach Chip Kelly rebutted estimates that about half his players use the drug, but he also noted his efforts to educate his players about the issue and pledged to continue doing so.
Pineapple Express (15) Potheads Seth Rogen and James Franco go on the run after the former witnesses the latter's supplier shoot someone.
But it looks like "Pineapple Express," a comedy about two potheads on the run, will be the movie that finally bumps box office phenomenon "The Dark Knight" out of the top spot.
The human wreckage makes the shows in Liverpool great: skate rats, BMX art fags, hardcore kroosh-meisters, fairies, swampys, babies, brown cord types, princesses, potheads, midgets, drug fiends and straightedge goons, town bikes, fatties, skinnys, long hairs, short hairs, and no hairs
Dressed in a gas mask and boiler suit, Paddy fills the potheads with fear before humiliating and finally executing them.
I thought this odd, and I'm sure anyone who's been with potheads will do too.
Ah, yes, it's the usual suspects - the potheads, political peabrains and professorial prats - pushing their usual hazy, crazy argument on cannabis.