potter's field

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potter's field:

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[Aram.,=field of blood], according to the Gospel of St. Matthew, the chief priests bought the potter's field with Judas' 30 pieces of silver as a place to bury foreigners. However, according to the Acts of the Apostles, Judas bought the field himself and met his death in it.
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potter’s field

burial ground purchased with Judas’s betrayal money. [N.T.: Matthew 27:6–8]
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The funeral home did, however, generously donate a service complete with flowers, for which it received no reimbursement, before burial in the county potter's field (Cullinan, 2005).
Those belonging to the Toronto Necropolis, St James' Cemetery and the Potter's Field Cemeteries are preserved.
Similarly, in 1893 Lucius Nieman of the Journal granted the request of a delegation of newsboys who showed up in his office, "hands washed and hair combed," to borrow money to save fourteen year-old Freddy Munk, one of twenty-five Journal newsboys, from burial in a potter's field.
It is likely that there will be more no identificados buried in Holtville and a similar potter's field in El Centro, Calif.
The teens were buried in adjoining, unmarked graves in a potter's field outside Reading, about 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia.
Covello will spearhead five to 10 art installations, called The Potter's Field Project, starting within a month and spanning the entire summer, each taking a week or two to complete.
My trip to the cemetery uncovered the only marked grave in the potter's field.
The Totem story line focuses on bizarre events in the tiny mountain community of Potter's Field, Wyoming.
THE POTTER'S FIELD by Andrea Camilleri (Mantle pounds 16.
There is a competition to win one of 15 sets of best-selling novels, including Love Over Scotland, by Alexander McCall Smith, and From Potter's Field, by Patricia Cornwell.
She regrets she hasn't been able to save Holt Cemetery, a potter's field where homemade plot markers were washed away by the post-Katrina flooding.