potter's field

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potter's field:

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[Aram.,=field of blood], according to the Gospel of St. Matthew, the chief priests bought the potter's field with Judas' 30 pieces of silver as a place to bury foreigners. However, according to the Acts of the Apostles, Judas bought the field himself and met his death in it.
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potter’s field

burial ground purchased with Judas’s betrayal money. [N.T.: Matthew 27:6–8]
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Following its use as a potter's field, Washington Square Park became a military parade ground, then a city park.
The remains of 1,918 people will be buried today at the Los Angeles County potter's field in Boyle Heights, next to L.
Thus, a social context that, perhaps unintentionally, promotes financial depletion at death increases the challenge facing a social worker seeking out resources to avoid a client's anonymous burial in a local potter's field, the lowest common denominator of indigent burial options funded out of the public purse.
Union Square Park was opened in 1839 on what was a former potter's field.
Viewing Harris as pivotal, Simpson examines a series of texts which focus on the detective or profiler: Patricia Cornwell's novel, From Potter's Field, Caleb Carr's novel, The Alienist, and Chris Gerolmo's 1995 cable-television film, Citizen X.
In the first, Potter's unchecked imperialism has fashioned a purgatorial company town populated by dispirited serfs toiling and dying in their own potter's field.
THE DOCUMENTARY'S central character is Vuyisile Mini, who we first see as his body is being exhumed from a potter's field.
Especially nice is his sensitive and informed treatment of Potter's Field, a powerful but neglected play about black experience that called on the full range of Watson's abilities as a historical and textual scholar as well as his critical judgment.
Homeless and half mad, this spiritual descendant of Sophocles' willful heroine contrives to rescue her lover Paulie's body from an unmarked grave in Potter's Field, so she can bury it in the park she calls home.
A study of the 24,124 deaths recorded in the burial registers of the Potter's Field Cemetery and the Necropolis from 1850 to 1899, indicates that Toronto, like other nineteenth-century cities, experienced very high mortality.
There is a competition to win one of 15 sets of best-selling novels including Love Over Scotland, by Alexander McCall Smith, and From Potter's Field, by Patricia Cornwell.
The firm was cited for its efforts in the Secaucus Potter's Field disinterment/re-interment project, which is believed to be the largest disinterment ever undertaken under a single contract and possibly the largest disinterment of a potter's field in the nation.