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4 Renewable Power Market, Mexico, Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2005-2020 26
5 Renewable Power Market, Mexico, Annual Power Generation, 2005-2020 28
6 Renewable Power Market, Mexico, Small Hydro Power Market 30
Foucault argued that, ultimately, both liberal and Marxist conceptions of power shared a certain economism.
The concept of abstract space thus came to operate in the early nineteenth century as a paradigm of Foucaultian disciplinary power.
Power and knowledge were thus synchronous in Poovey's account.
1) A power of attorney was presented at the sale of a property in Staten Island by the granddaughter of the owner.
2) A power of attorney was presented at the mortgaging of a property in Queens that was owned by two brothers and held in a partnership name.
Power demands, along with fuel prices, are increasing.
UF's Nick Florentine reports that despite a decrease in lighting costs with the shift from incandescent to high reflectivity fluorescent fixtures, the university's electric power demand had grown from three to four watts per square-foot to 17 to 18 watts per square foot in some cases.
Because of its location, the monitor detector's reading is only affected by the source power levels, but not by the chopper wheel movement.
A laser source (producing radiation at the desired wavelength) with adjustable output power and shutter is chosen to provide the required power range for the nonlinearity measurement.