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ANOVA results indicated a statistically significant student placement effect on powerlessness [F (1, 220) = 13.
While confirming multidimensionality, Roberts (1987) also argues that self-estrangement and powerlessness are most closely related to alienation.
This section will identify some fundamental tenets related to power and powerlessness in twelve-step groups which are based on a set of twelve steps and twelve traditions (see Appendix A for a list of Al-Anon's twelve steps).
The language of powerlessness in the treatment literature is typified by the exercises developed by Perkinson (1997): People are powerless, for example, when,
When the manager takes the behavior personally and loses control, powerlessness often increases for both individuals.
Organizational and leadership factors relating to powerlessness are numerous.
Without this ability, decision making is willingly conceded to others, contributing to feelings of powerlessness.
As a female recovering alcoholic and addictions counseling student, I am disturbed by some misconceptions in research and textbooks concerning the concept of powerlessness, particularly in the application of a 12-step program to white women alcoholics.
Implementing it any further would lead to more waste, powerlessness and renouncement.
The complaining of the Albanian parties when they are in the opposition, that the Government is not doing anything for the Albanians, does not hold water, as it only reveals their shame and powerlessness.
ACOMMON experience for most of us over recent weeks as we read our newspapers or tune into the news bulletins will have been a mixture of fear and powerlessness.
That the increases were higher than the City forecast adds to the sense of powerlessness.