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BOSTON & AUSTIN, Texas -- CORE Security([R]), a leading provider of predictive security intelligence solutions, and Praetorian Secure, IT Security and Regulatory Compliance experts, today announced a partnership that allows Praetorian Secure to offer CORE Security solutions to its client base.
In addition, the acquisition complements the depth of content and services Praetorian offers first responders through its news and information sites FireRescue1.
Praetorian militaries, which have direct or indirect control over the government in power, typically are not found in democracies with a strong civil society.
The decision comes after a July 3 hearing on force-placed insurance rates (also known as lender-placed insurance, which is insurance placed on a mortgaged home by the lender when the owner fails to secure his or her own insurance) where Praetorian laid out its business model to justify the 2.
Like the digital television recorder, TiVo, Praetorian users can also pause footage, rewind and explore the recorded portions in that same immersive 3-D environment using a keyboard or joystick.
Praetorian STARShip is the story of the unique and historically important version of the venerable Lockheed C-130 Hercules, the MC-130E/H Combat Talon, and of the men and women who designed, gave birth to, and mentored its development.
The state doesn't need a Praetorian Guard when it has the Supreme Court.
Fletcher has been off the track for 259 days and Praetorian Gold is blinkered for the first
The two Prefects of the Praetorian Guard, whose job it was to protect the emperor, were in the plot, and took no action.
167); served as governor of a series of provinces including Dalmatia, Lower Germany, Bithynia (southern shore of Black Sea), and Africa; following the assassination of Commodus' successor Pertinax (late March 193), he was a candidate for the imperial throne in an auction held by the Praetorian Guard; outbid his rival T.
To Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon, it was the praetorian guard of their expanding bureaucratic empire.
com, Praetorian Group has an unmatched track record using web technology to connect first responders and deliver mission-critical content that helps them stay more informed, safer and better able to protect their communities.