prairie chicken

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prairie chicken:

see grousegrouse,
common name for a game bird of the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere. There are about 18 species. Grouse are henlike terrestrial birds, protectively plumaged in shades of red, brown, and gray.
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This bustle style is often called a "shingle bustle" as opposed to a "round bustle" which is more common with Prairie Chicken dancers from the Plateau area.
Neither one of us had ever hunted quail or prairie chickens, and I had only hunted sharptails a tiny bit in my life.
Oklahoma has indicated its willingness to protect the lesser prairie chicken," he added, "but it seems increasingly clear this issue isn't about sound science or saving endangered species.
and insights from biologists, environmental educators, and citizen scientists," state publicity materials, which add, "So come spy on the spring courtship dance of the greater prairie chicken, search for elusive and elegant white-tailed deer in summer, touch a tiny saw-whet owl on one special day in autumn, and thrill to the sound of thousands of tundra swans as they migrate through the Mississippi Flyway just before the first snow falls.
While maintaining a medical practice and raising Angus cattle, they strive to preserve both the family ranching tradition and the wild integrity of their land for other species, too, like the iconic but fast-disappearing greater prairie chicken.
Recurring infection of reticuloendotheliosis virus (REV), an avian oncogenic Gammaretrovirus, has been a major obstacle in attempts to breed and release the endangered Attwater's prairie chicken (Tympanicus cupido attwateri).
Gohmert said there is nobody who is more appreciative than he is for the rights of race, religion, national religion of the Delta Smelt, the snail darter, various lizards, the lesser prairie chicken, the greater sage grouts and so many other insects who would want someone standing for their religion, their race, their national origin.
Identification and analysis of lesser and greater prairie chicken habitat.
While we did not detect any greater prairie chicken, another NNLP Tier I species, during point counts at any of our study sites we did observe many individuals of this species at our study sites during three summers (20092011) of field work associated with this study and other projects (Fuhlendorf et al.
The week included films, plays, traditional story-telling, and a traditional pipe ceremony with Ashley Prairie Chicken.