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The portion of a commercial radio telegraph message that is sent first, containing the message number, office of origin, date, and other numerical data not part of the following message text.



in law, the preliminary or introductory part of a legislative or other legal document or of a declaration or international agreement. The preamble usually consists of a concise explication of the purposes and tasks of the particular document and of the conditions, circumstances, and causes that led to its adoption. The preambles of international legal documents usually list the countries that are parties to the particular treaty or agreement.

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Finally, the preamble notes that although taxpayers generally would change a method of accounting to reflect these new rules using an adjustment under section 481(a) of the Code, the government is concerned about the potential administrative burden on taxpayers and the IRS that may result from section 481(a) adjustments originating many years prior to the effective date of the final regulations.
The current education law says in its preamble that education must respect individual dignity, aim to raise people who will aspire for truth and peace, and seek a universal and characteristic culture.
Heckman says, "We explicitly asked that FDA clarify the language in the Preamble to reflect the fact that a company may continue to determine on its own whether a package or packaging component may reasonably be expected to migrate to food.
To prevent the circuit from unintended operation in noisy environments, a valid preamble signal with a minimum of 192 periods is necessary to activate the AGC circuit.
The 50-member Constituent Assembly tasked with amending the 2012 constitution has been discussing the preamble since last week, in an attempt to reach consensus over several debatable topics.
After hearing these experts, some of whom contributed to the drafting of the Constitution of 1959, the commission will start drafting the preamble and fundamental principles of the Constitution and methods to amend it.
Nandini was an active collaborator in the writing of the book, which decodes the Preamble for children aged between 7 and 11.
According to the preamble to the final regulations, Treasury is still considering modifications to the passthrough rules and intends to modify the final regulations on shareholders and partners of passthrough entities.
A ruling Liberal Democratic Party panel on Friday presented a draft preamble for a new constitution that asserts Japan's right to self-defense.
The preamble to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states: "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.
A statement issued Wednesday from the Academy says that ``new paragraphs in the preamble to the regulations makes it clear that the Academy isn't fooling around.
The amendment's preamble states that it is designed to "include protection of the Pledge of Allegiance, the display of the Ten Commandments and school prayer.