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The portion of a commercial radio telegraph message that is sent first, containing the message number, office of origin, date, and other numerical data not part of the following message text.



in law, the preliminary or introductory part of a legislative or other legal document or of a declaration or international agreement. The preamble usually consists of a concise explication of the purposes and tasks of the particular document and of the conditions, circumstances, and causes that led to its adoption. The preambles of international legal documents usually list the countries that are parties to the particular treaty or agreement.

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Preambular language is effective at presenting the object and purpose of the treaty, and may be considered by arbitral tribunals when interpreting the intent of ambiguous language in a provision of an IIA.
The combination of objectives is reflected in the preambular paragraphs of the Resolution which covers the '.
272) Also relevant is the 1969 Convention's tenth preambular paragraph, which calls
Walterscheid, The Preambular Argument: The Dubious Premise of Eldred v.
To achieve this reorientation, the CRPD stipulates a luxuriant blend of preambular, purposive and principled statements, individual entitlements and social cultural and economic rights.
Soekarno defended a secular state based on Pancasila, five principles of the state philosophy--monotheism, humanitarianism, national unity, representative democracy by consensus, and social justice--codified in the 1945 constitution, while some Muslim groups preferred either an Islamic state or a constitution that included a preambular provision requiring adherents of Islam to be subject to Islamic law.
Beyond its preambular language, the WTO framework agreement does not contain any affirmative obligations to uphold labor standards.
Mann and Porter (2003) argued that WTO has now incorporated sustainable development as an explicit objective relying on preambular language of Marrakech Treaties.
Notably, the Vienna Convention stipulates that treaties must be interpreted in light of their preambular text.
An additional factor likely to work in favour of a general right of sell-determination being applied to Indigenous peoples are the preambular provisions in statutory bills--in the HRA (ACT) and the Victorian Charter reference is made to the 'special significance' or 'special importance' that human rights have for Indigenous people.