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The portion of a commercial radio telegraph message that is sent first, containing the message number, office of origin, date, and other numerical data not part of the following message text.



in law, the preliminary or introductory part of a legislative or other legal document or of a declaration or international agreement. The preamble usually consists of a concise explication of the purposes and tasks of the particular document and of the conditions, circumstances, and causes that led to its adoption. The preambles of international legal documents usually list the countries that are parties to the particular treaty or agreement.

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13) Preambular paragraph 1 describes signatories as "[n]oting with concern the constantly increasing numbers of refugees in Africa and desirous of finding ways and means of alleviating their misery and suffering as well as providing them with a better life and future.
Indeed, in the fall of 2003, in the course of opposing the Nordic countries' proposal that preambular paragraph 15 be qualified, the Indigenous Caucus counter-proposed to the WGDD that the paragraph's original wording (not underlined above) simply carry the additional phrase "exercised in conformity with applicable principles of international law.
The preambular paragraphs are provisionally numbered in this draft and in the Zero Treaty, for convenience.
Siew Huay Tan (Singapore) was elected chairperson of both the Drafting and Preambular and Final Clauses Committees.
The UNTAES mandate contained the following preambular paragraph: "Determined to ensure the security and freedom of movement of the personnel of the United Nations peacekeeping operation in the Republic of Croatia, and to these ends, acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.
Although Canada retained its vote of support for the New Agenda resolution for the second year, it called for a separate vote on the compromise language of preambular paragraph 20, in which it abstained.
Simultaneously, India proposed a preambular paragraph for inclusion in the resolution on the CTBT then being considered by the U.
246) Preambular Paragraph 3, states that "[t]he States parties to this Statute .
It welcomed in the preambular part of the draft resolution Kuwaits hosting of the second Pledging Conference for Syria in January 2014, and UN and Arab League efforts towards achieving "a solution to the Syrian crisis.
The references in this preambular language to "international tension" and nuclear disarmament "pursuant to a Treaty on general and complete disarmament" further suggest that the negotiators of the NPT understood there to be some connection between nuclear disarmament and conventional weapons.
is not operative, such as preambular provisions, which reference, for
Unlike the common law, where the rule and the narrative reasons for the rule are usually intertwined, a statute rarely contains meaningful titular or preambular indications of its rationales.