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(computer science)
The order in which operators are processed in a programming language.


operator precedence


The order in which an expression is processed. Mathematical precedence is normally:

1. unary + and - signs
2. exponentiation
3. multiplication and division
4. addition and subtraction

In order to properly compute the formula that converts Fahrenheit to Celsius, which is fahrenheit-32*5/9, the expression


must be used with parentheses separating the fahrenheit-32 from the multiplication. Since multiplication is evaluated before subtraction, 32 would be multiplied by 5 first, which is not what is wanted.

Logical precedence is normally:

1. NOT
2. AND
3. OR

In the dBASE query:
list for item = "TIE" .and. color = "GRAY" .or. color = "RED"

all gray ties and anything red will be selected, since ANDs are evaluated before ORs. Grouping the colors in parentheses as in the example below yields only gray and red ties.
(color="GRAY" .or. color="RED")
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The dynamic programming for TSPP-PC is provided in Section 4, and the dynamic programming can be proved to be the first polynomial-time exact algorithm for TSPP-PC with number of precedence constraints being a constant.
While some have said this is a success story and the beginnings of a formal delineation of precedence for warrant officer ranks, a closer look indicates several inadequacies (similar to the inadequacies of Army Regulation (AR) 420-1).
COAt the same time it allows our distributor to concentrate on standard IT solutions into other market segments, whilst providing support and services to Precedence as it works with the UAECOs dynamic graphics market,CO he observed.
A precedence relation (shortly, a precedence) can be considered as a couple ([f.
Editor's Note: For a chart showing what uniform ribbons indicate and their proper order of precedence, check out www.
The melody flows from one player to the other with neither part taking precedence over the other.
It has proposed nine principles as standards for FOI laws: maximum disclosure, obligation to publish key information by public bodies, promotion of open government, limited exceptions, processes to facilitate access, low-access costs, open meetings, disclosure takes precedence, and whistleblower protection.
Third, Nash hopes that ancient Israel's status as an Afro-Asian people takes new precedence over the Euro-American tendency to view Israel as "proto-Caucasians.
For example, I acknowledge in GRM that email as a solid word is gaining acceptance and will probably become the established form--and I do view it as a valid option, but at the moment I'm reluctant to give it precedence as long as all the other e words retain a hyphen.
This regulation is first in the order of precedence for managing Army acquisition programs following statutory requirements, the Federal Acquisition Regulation, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplements, Department of Defense regulatory direction, and Army Federal Acquisition Regulation supplements.
In contrast to Kelley's past use of paint, usually subordinated to a larger conceptual whole, here he seems to have given in to the lure of pure painterly effects: richness and variety of color and an attention to surface quality taking precedence over any easily readable content.
In my view, the article is anti-Semitic in that it denies Israel the right to defend itself against the carnage perpetrated by the suicide bombers by implying that the rights of the Palestinians should take precedence.