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in architectural construction, a technique whereby large units of a building are produced in factories to be assembled, ready-made, on the building site. The technique permits the speedy erection of very large structures. It has been applied to urban housing for more than a century. Major architects, including Walter GropiusGropius, Walter
, 1883–1969, German-American architect, one of the leaders of modern functional architecture. In Germany his Fagus factory buildings (1910–11) at Alfeld, with their glass walls, metal spandrels, and discerning use of purely industrial features, were
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, Konrad Wachsmann, and Buckminster FullerFuller, R. Buckminster
(Richard Buckminster Fuller), 1895–1983, American architect and engineer, b. Milton, Mass. Fuller devoted his life to the invention of revolutionary technological designs aimed at solving problems of modern living.
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, have been involved significantly in the development of prefabrication. See also modulemodule.
1 Term derived from the Latin modulus, a unit of measure in classical architecture equal to half the diameter of a column at its base. This unit was used in proportioning the classical orders of architecture.
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The manufacture of standardized units or components, usually at a mill or plant away from the site, for quick assembly and erection on the job site.
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Use of unfamiliar processes and techniques is the biggest challenge for construction companies to consider when implementing prefabrication in construction projects.
The study also targets general contractors, subcontractors, and rebar prefabrication plant managers.
System building is one kind of IH where prefabrication, standardization, and methods for production and quality control are central ingredients (Gann, 1996).
But the truth of the matter is, in the whole time that we've had that apparatus in, not once has it ever been needed to be used, which leads me to believe that the whole (``power dialing'') issue was a prefabrication in the first place,'' said show producer Ken Warwick.
THE loss of 80 jobs at a prefabrication firm was last night branded 'outrageous'.
The house builder has joined forces with Corus in a move that will see the company moving away from traditional building materials and into the world of light steel framing and prefabrication.
According to the modular construction industry, prefabrication uses materials far more efficiently, with the obvious cost and environment benefits of less recycling.
With prefabrication, quality control begins in the factory and can be tested at all stages.
Another opportunity is in the prefabrication of external house panels.
Elastosil is said to lower material costs through minimum sealant consumption, no warehousing costs for prefabrication gaskets, reduced development costs due to much simpler design of the components, no surface finishing costs, lower production costs through rapid, simple and automatic application of the gasket and simple assembly, and lower costs thanks to greater process reliability, according to the brochure.
He points out that it permitted prefabrication, that sill- or pad-founded houses could be moved, that they could be jacked up and repaired comparatively easily and that, relatively protected from damp, they would have tended to last longer than post-built structures.