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1. the office, position, or area of authority of a prefect
2. the official residence of a prefect in France, Italy, etc.



(1) In Rome under the republic, a municipium (municipality) deprived by Rome of self-rule and placed under the supervision of a prefect. From the time of the emperor Constantine I at the beginning of the fourth century the term served to designate an administrative unit. The entire empire was divided into four prefectures—the East, Illyricum (Illyria), Italy, and Gaul—each of which was governed by a praetorian prefect.

(2) In Japan, the designation for the principal administrative and territorial units.

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Public prosecutors searched the Fukushima prefectural government headquarters and the governor's office and questioned senior officials Saturday in connection with bid rigging over sewage system construction work for the prefectural government.
The banks are expected to demand the prefectural government guarantee all of the outstanding loans, the officials said.
The Shizuoka prefectural government has already spent some 100 billion yen out of the 190 billion yen earmarked for the project.
With the nuclear power plant due to begin operating in July 2005, the prefectural government expects 2.
The prefectural government is considering calling on governors nationwide and on the governments in prefectures such as Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Kumamoto, which also have large numbers of cows, to join it in asking for a postponement.
The prefectural government and North Pacific Bank offered the airline loans and investment, together with other local businesses.
The Taiheiyo Sangyo president allegedly asked Uchiyama to work on the prefectural government and make sure that prefectural officials would not suspend the company's license or impose a lengthy suspension on the company's business.
The prefectural public security commissioners, comprising three members, are set up for securing neutrality of police activities and are authorized to give orders to inspect police activities.
In addition, the government will have prefectural governments impose 10% more in taxes on a diesel vehicles more than 11 years old, they said.
Currently the Osaka prefectural government has put off paying its debts and shifts money to the general account as a loan from the fund established to repay its debts.
The approval allows the prefectural government to raise the tax rate to 10% of nuclear fuel prices from the current 7% and introduce a fresh charge of 6,000 yen per kilogram, raising the effective tax rate to 13.
A suit has been filed against the Osaka bank tax as well and the prefectural government fears it could be forced to refund banks some 4 billion yen if it loses the suit.